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I've lost 92 lbs and have about 40 lbs left to go!

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Feeling flossy today! Handstand to bakasana! This happened by complete accident. I love how that works! Have a good week :D

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hey, guys?
this is a pretty important petition i think we need to pass around again. 
creepshots has both a tumblr and a twitter in which they openly accept demeaning pictures of women, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. THESE IMAGES ARE TAKEN OF WOMEN WHO HAVE NO IDEA THEY ARE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED, AND THEN PUT ONLINE FOR THESE FUCKING WASTES OF SPACE TO “ENJOY”.
look at either of them if you want a taste, but be aware that comments such as “She fall from lifting the bar or lifting those tits?” are common on each and every unsolicited, disgustingly indulgent photo.
on top of this, they have allegedly accepted images of women in their own homes, taken by spouses or boyfriends without their partner’s consent.
this is not fucking fair. 
this is fucking disgusting. 
this is rape culture.
and we have no choice but to get together and shut them down.
please sign this fucking petition.

do the thing


5 tips for better handstands! practice daily!

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Sunday Night His Side/Her Side Pizza!



I had such a great weekend and decided to end it with pizza! Is there anything better than that? I worked out hard all week and was extremely proud of my commitment! With all of that hard work; I decided to reward myself.


I have a couple other recipes to blog from the weekend, but…

The days I most want to avoid the mat usually turn out to be the days I need it the most #yoga #meditation #healing
Chaos - You Know, The Normal Stuff


The apartment complex I just moved into has decided to re-plumb the whole building (among many other projects) so I can’t move into the cupboards and shelves just yet. Soon, I have to move into a hotel for 10 days while they do their heaviest work!

So I’m stuck right now living out of suitcases…

My amazing wife is making authentic Korean dduk-bokki!! (rice cake noodle stir-fry aka my favorite meal!!) #luckiest #koreanfood